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Following the release and success of LZ7's singles “This Little Light” & “27 Million” into the mainstream charts we wanted to create channels and networks to help sustain and maintain artists who have more to their music and need a platform to launch from. 


Light Music is taking on new artists that have a great talent and are genuine artists in their own right and we put a family of creative people to help, motivate, create and mentor and then, release them into the mainstream through our network and relationships with the industry. As our history has shown, an increased presence in the mainstream creates a bigger platform to speak to young people.


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The past couple of years have been huge for LZ7. Since the release of their

last album 'These Are Better Days', LZ7 have gone from strength to strength.

Continuing to couple music with a positive message. The band have

been in front of hundreds of thousands of people and their latest

singles have great traction worldwide and success in the charts. LZ7 have

grown to have multiple millions of views/plays across YouTube, Spotify,

and Apple Music, with thousands of monthly listeners from all over the globe.

LZ7 look forward to the release of even bigger singles towards their next album,

starting with 'Together' remixed by household name Paul Oakenfold,

'Back in Time', remixed by Radio 1's Charlie Hedges & 'Energy', the groups

current single, which has seen a huge reaction on the groups return

to the summer run of festivals and gigs post pandemic.

LZ7 have been on the biggest of stages, from the NRG Stadium

in Houston to the Sir John Guise Stadium in Papa New Guinea,

the band have reached new levels. In 2018, the band went on tour with

Jason Derulo in arenas throughout the UK & Europe, as well

as continuing their own tours, finishing up with their own

London headline show at The Indigo in the O2.

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Saintz, a pop/dance group from the UK have had a great start to their

music journey. In June, Saintz released their first album, "Goosebumps".


Saintz released their latest single, "Goosebumps", with the music video

reaching over 109,000 views! Saintz want to continue to use their music to speak life, positivity, and good mental health over the young people of this generation.


Beautiful World has been Saintz most popular song so far, reaching

over 232,000 streams on Spotify and 82,000 views for the music video.


Not only that, Saintz have already done their first international gig in Norway! They've also performed across the UK at different music events with more scheduled in the near future. Coming from the Light Music family, Saintz are definitely set up for a big future ahead.

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